Miami, Florida

Director of Information Technology, November 1984  August 1998


- Direct profit/loss (P&L) responsibility of a $2.5 million IT budget

- Annual review of IT budget, that includes capital expenditures, salary/related benefits, depreciation, rent, utilities, travel, computer hardware, voice/data communications and consultant fee expenses.

- Defend and justify proposed fiscal year plan to budget review committee.

- Monitor monthly P&L statements to keep IT division within annual budget.

Developed a 2-3 year Information Technology strategic plan that included the migration to relational database technology.

- Alignment of IT mission statement as well as strategic plan to support and contribute to the overall business plan

- Developed a request for proposal (RFP) for a two million dollar enterprise-wide integrated business information system solution.

- Determined migration plan which encompasses the use of client/server, relational database management, data warehousing (OLAP) and Intranet technologies.

- Recommended a Digital Aplha server model 8400 running the UNIX OS as the platform for the enterprise-wide business information system using the Oracle 8 RDBMS.

Formulated a Systems Audit and Development Team that review existing systems for efficiency and effectiveness, as well as, oversees systems development efforts.

- Assembled team consisting of senior information technology staff to formalize Business Process Re-engineering and application development efforts.

- Structured the applications development process by employing complete project life cycle approach. Steps consist of idea/need, analysis, design, construction and quality assurance phases.

implemented an enterprise-wide business information system to meet the needs of the project management , financial/accounting , marketing and human resource functional areas

- As a direct report to the Chief Financial Officer, primary area of responsibility is the management of a comprehensive fully-integrated financial management system.

- Applications include accounts payable (A/P), accounts receivable (A/R), billing, purchasing (P/0), fixed assets (F/A), human resources (H/R), 401(k) administration and payroll which all integrate with project costing and general ledger systems.

Served as Project Manager on most major systems development with accountability for the technical, resource scheduling and budgetary areas.

- Corporate Intranet deployment using the Microsoft family of products including Internet Information Services, FrontPage 98 and HTML.

- Oracle 7 NT Server data warehouse with direct Ethernet connection to a Digital VAX 4000-500 computer using the Oracle transparent gateway for RMS to transfer data.

- Designed and developed year over year comparison profit and loss statements for every business segment using the Oracle 6 SQL report writer.

- Compilation of employee benefit statements using data from human resource, 401(k) and payroll systems.

- Conversion of IBM mainframe based 401(k) administration system to VAX/VMS Cobol platform.

- Analysis and construction of multi-level allocation modules to spread corporate, district and services overhead to profit centers.

As a Year 2000 program office member, the Year 2000 project team is responsible for an enterprise-wide assessment of all Information Technology and Non-Information Technology within the organization that could be effected by the Year 2000

- Conducting corporate-wide awareness seminars on millennium (Y2K) issues.

- Scanning of application source code by functional area for Y2K problems.

- Compiled cost estimates to remediate code by applying cost drivers to an econometric model.

- Prioritizing efforts to convert, replace or redevelop systems.

- Enterprise-wide discovery, assessment and strategy to determine the impact of the Year 2000 on the computing platforms utilized by the organization.

Chairperson for various Committees and Task Forces.

- Project Management / Business Information Systems evaluation and selection committee.

- Task Force to review and recommend engineering project control techniques.

- Actively participate as co-chairperson with several user groups.

Evaluated hardware upgrade alternatives and built a business case to justify the investment.

- Upgraded two networked Digital VAX/VMS 11/785 computers to a single Digital VAX/VMS 4000-500 based on savings in maintenance costs and managed the consolidation of all operations.

Established an Information Technology group, including departmental organization, writing job descriptions, staffing and developing policies and procedures.